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The Craftsmen

Sergio Gomez shaped his first board at 16 years old and has taken it ten-fold since.

25 years later he has lived and manufactured surfboards in different countries like France, the Caribbean, New Zealand and Argentina building a solid fan base across the globe.

Now based in Australia for most of the year he manufactures some of the highest quality surfboards on the market.

The key to his shaping success perhaps lies not only in his collective experiences, but also in the purist attitude. “If it’s not perfect, it’s no good. That’s what my first mentor taught me and I’ll never forget it. Every little detail, from the outline to proportions to the glass job and finish. It’s got to be exact.”


And it’s true, it’s all in his details. You can see it in Sergio’s level of craftsmanship. The birth of an idea that translates into an almost obsessive devotion to creating a superlative shape.


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